Travel Trade Barometer: Program Details
Program Details

The Travel Trade Barometer - Reliable and Timely Trade Insight on Bookings, Trends, and Projections…

The Travel Trade Barometer is currently active in the following markets: the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and Japan. We are also currently exploring other markets such as China.

The ever-changing international travel market conditions demand timely and consistent input from those actually selling U.S. product.  The Travel Trade Barometer program gathers qualitative data from in-country travel trade on bookings and projected bookings, in a non-biased, reliable, and timely manner.

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The Power of Partnership:

The Travel Trade Barometer program is a Travel Market Insights program conducted in partnership with a host of partners. Including the U.S. Department of Commerce/Office of Travel and Tourism Industries; the U.S. Travel Association (formerly TIA); the National Tour Association; Japan Travel Marketing, Visit USA committees, and Commercial Service. Please see all of our sponsors and partners.

Example Report:  To access an example report go to the login page (

    • In the Barometer System Login
      • Enter the user name: example (case sensitive)
      • Enter the password: subscription (case sensitive)
    • In the currently viewable products drop-down you can view the available example report options

What does the only U.S. specific in-bound quarterly travel Barometer provide your destination or business?

·        Bookings performance to the United States

·        Projected bookings to the United States (3 and 6 months out)

·        Defines and monitors motivators and deterrents for travel to the United States (highlighted in the

·        Reports U.S. competitive position with other long-haul destinations

·        Monitors travel product trends (amusement/theme parks, city travel, family, etc.)

·        Provides the only Destination-specific bookings and projected bookings throughout the year

·        Product awareness assessment

·        Product perception assessment

·        Disaster impact and monitoring

Proven Performance – How accurate is the Travel Barometer?

·        Since its inception in 2002, the Travel Barometer bookings consistently match official U.S. arrival figures, just on a timelier basis.

·        In May 2005 the Barometer accurately projected what no other source had for the UK market – that bookings to the U.S. were not going to meet other more optimistic projections.  More importantly, the Barometer identified key reasons why bookings were sluggish and to what destinations.

Why is the Barometer so important?

The Barometer is a non-biased research partnership that provides TIA and the U.S. travel industry with tangible information that we can use to influence U.S. policy makers.  The Barometer (with your input) was prominently highlighted in the 2006 National Strategy to Compete for International Visitors.  This report was submitted to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and now serves as a blueprint for the future.


·        Sampling is targeted and selected for a representative group of key in-country travel trade that sell and promote travel to the United States.  Each country has a separate criteria that matches the "sales" to the United States.  The Barometer is focused on the U.S. and targets trade that sell the U.S.  All respondents pre-populated via and filtered.  We work closely with in-country representatives and the VUSA committee for each country to verify and maintain a responsible sample.

Travel Trade Barometer Subscription Options

Core Subscription $1000  (four quarterly reports for 1 year)

The Core Subscription reports on bookings, inquiries, and travel demand to the U.S., package travel, independent travel, competitive demand, and motivators and deterrents for travel.

Destination Subscription $4,000  (four quarterly reports for 1 year)

The Destination Subscription reports bookings and projected bookings to your destination.  This subscription includes all core subscription results.

Customized Subscription $7,500  (four quarterly reports for 1 year)

The customized subscription level allows for three proprietary questions.  It also includes the results of the Core Subscription plus the Destination Subscription (if applicable). 

Sponsorship Gold $10,000

Benefits to Sponsor:  Input into research design, questionnaire development.  Five proprietary questions.  Identification on the survey and TIA website as a sponsor of the study.

Sponsorship Platinum  $25,000

Benefits to Sponsor:  Input into research design, questionnaire development.  Five proprietary questions.  Identification on the survey and TIA website as a sponsor of the study.  Co-presentation of survey findings with TMI and/or TIA at one of the TIA conferences or events.  Identification as sponsor in press releases and other media related materials.  Name and logo on the report cover.

In addition to the valuable information collected in the Core and Destination subscriptions, the customized subscription and sponsor levels could provide:

  • Quarterly input from key travel trade in an unbiased manner.
  • Input on a new marketing campaign – tracking its awareness level.
  • Pre-testing a new slogan or logo with trade.
  • Monitor product demand

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